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2019.12.31 Chicony Power Smart Building Solution team and Thailand AMATA Group collaborate on smart city development
2019.09.02 IWA wins Platinum Award for TIBA Excellent Intelligent Green Building System, and advances to Asia-Pacific regional competition of 2020 APIGBA AWARDS
2019.07.26 IWA Platform Wins Platinum Award for Excellent Intelligent Green Building System
2019.05.23 IWA Smart Building Solution & High-Efficiency Motors from Chicony Power Take Spotlight at 2019 Smart City Expo

Fully intelligent system
Build your smart building base on Big Data Analysis & AI Algorithm.
Unique intelligent algorithm
Collect and analyze real time data from wireless sensors placed inside and outside building, then provide best optimized control depends on the dynamic needs of the users inside building.

An open integrated platform
Integrate HVAC, lighting, EMS, security… and all other sub building systems, and summarized in graphical interface on single platform. Users can monitor and control single to multiple buildings easily.

Sustainable operation optimization
Base on IoT and big data analysis, building operation will be improved by AI algorithm machine learning technology from time to time, hence optimize energy consumption continuously.
Innovative smart building service
A complete solution best fit into different stage of building life cycle
Initial design stage
Assist you to evaluate building power consumption and planning. IWA smart building system integrates building sub system to provide the best building automation design.

Construction and commissioning
We provide one-stop management service to avoid unexpected problems. Sensors all over the building with comprehensive information collected, allows big data analysis and better understanding of data transaction and various building operation.

Operation, maintenance and energy management
IWA provides system operation and energy optimization consultancy service. We help owner to improve building operation continuously year by year.

Improvement for existing building
Provide consultancy in supporting your evaluation on retrofit project. IWA system can integrate with 3rd party solution and help you to better optimized existing building systems.
Our Customers
We are honor to cooperate with many famous multinational corporations and chain health companies.
Smart Parking, Quick and Convenient
Chicony power technology smart parking system included parking guidance, parking spaces detection, reverse vehicle tracking system, it allows consumer to find vacant parking spaces and vehicles more quickly and easily, accurately in-time display the number of empty parking spaces and areas through smart systems which greatly reduce the cost of our labour management.Seems like easy system but actually its not easy!
RT-MART International Ltd
ZhongLi Branch Office
Yu-Ting Ling, General Manager

Smart Space Environment Control
After cooperate with IWA Space intelligent system of Chicony Power Technology, we began forward to develop intelligent space environment control system, our projects had continuing built at Beijing and Shanghai, as system agents of Chicony Power Technology, the unique IWA environment control technology can perfectly integrate various systems and properly complete linkage operation of each function, always make people feel "wow"!
QiaoShan Engineering Co., Ltd.
Ming-Han Yang, General Manager

Smart Conference, High Efficiency
Integrated of conference room facility, let lighting, air-con and multimedia equipment get control on a tablet, through the system linkage control and situation mode setting, let us quickly operate the situation of conference in one click, also host the conference agenda smoothly, ineffectiveness of the meeting had never happen again.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of Taiwan
Kai-Min Wu, Manager

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Smart System for Your New Living Style

Chicony Power (Stock code: 6412) is one of the subsidiary of Chicony-Clevo Group. Through complete system design, hardware production, software application integration, construction, and professional consulting services, we provide superb quality and competitive smart building system as solutions.

Chicony Power aims to develop a total solution of system integration including "equipment efficiency optimization", "environment optimization" and "energy saving optimization". We provide high-quality, reliable, and value-added smart building system including HVAC and lighting energy-saving design, system integration, project management, and data analysis service as the best smart building system total solution.

Base on the same believe, we also developed IE5 high efficiency motor. With Interior Permanent Magnet design, IWA IPM motor can further reduce energy consumed from building equipment such as fan, pump, chillers. Make your building more efficient.Collect and analyze real time data from wireless sensors placed inside and outside building, then provide best optimized control depends on the dynamic needs of the users inside building.