Facial Recognition System

Long Distance Precision Accurate Recognition 

Non-contact high speed identity verification tool, for system category from access control, attendance check, visitor registration, blacklist detection, important field monitoring to business intelligence application, in security and commercial applications, customized solutions can be provided for financial commercial building, school institutions, residential housing, exhibition centers, retail stores and other areas of the different attributes.
System Features
Fast and Accurate
High-speed comparison of complex face images, leading the industry with ultra-high precision identification rate.
System integration
Facial recognition identities can be integrated with access control and attendance systems.
Multiple Application
In addition to security applications, facial recognition systems can also be applied commercially, immediately notify the relevant person’s mobile phone, tablet device or display board with relevant information about the VIP’s visit, this will greatly enhance the quality of service and customer satisfaction.
Users Statement
Q: Traditional attendance system adopts employee identification card, touch the card machine to record commuting hours, not only unhygienic, but also might have problems with forgetting to bring the card.
A: Using IWA non-contact remote facial recognition to integrate the attendance system and solve the user problem thoroughly.
Q: Traditional access control is use of employee identification card for accessing, there is consideration of card been stolen or lost.
A: Employees use facial recognition as a necessary means of authentication to improve the level of access security.
IWA System Sturcture

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