Smart Curtain System

Accurate Know the Direction of illumination

Linkage control by crossing system based on information of the outdoor temperature, outdoor brightness, sunlight angle degree and direction, the system will automatically open or close the curtain according to our algorism. Also, it can link with thermal sensors to effectively lower the power by integrating with HVAC optimization system with out sacrifice user's comfort and energy saving.
System Features
Intelligent Algorithm
Automatic algorithm control based on the coordinate, sunlight intensity and time of the building.
Remote Monitoring
Real-time monitoring, remote control and setup and more through web or mobile APP.
Wireless Control
Wireless lighting control equipment, no wire request, cost saving, suitable for renovation buildings and new construction buildings.
System Integration
Integrate with lighting, HVAC and security systems, able to be control on single network interface.
Users Statements
Q: People needed for use remote control to operate the curtain.
A: Automatic control of curtain based on the coordinate, sunlight intensity and time of the building.
Q: Wiring required for install of electric curtain system.
A: IWA Electric curtains not require for new wiring, able to be wireless control and low costs on construction.

Core Strategy
Based on the luminance, direction and movement of the sunlight to adjust the curtain in order to meet all needs.
Wireless Transmission
ZigBee wireless transmission with low power consumption lowers the wiring cost and increases control flexibility.
Connects controlling with lighting and HVAC system to create the different scenarios for all types of user demand.
IWA System Sturcture

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