About IWA System


To find a more comfort,
more convenient and healthier

Buildings consume 40% of global energy and higher in the more-advanced countries. Among energy consumption in buildings, 45% comes from HVAC and 26% comes from lighting, which can be seen as a great potential to benefit from energy savings.

Buildings account for 21% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Reduction in energy consumption will have an immediate impact on the great reduction of global energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Source: United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP)

Smart System for
a New Living Style

Conversation between people, buildings and the environment

Achieve maximum energy savings without sacrifice users' comfort. We integrate multi-systems to optimize equipment efficiency with maximizing users'comfort and ultimate goal of energy saving.

IWA - it's not only a system or a brand. It's a dream and idea come true. We strive for better environment via continuous improvement of technology and R&D. We believe we can make the change.


Perfect Combination of Construction and Smart System

We have a professional construction management team with cross-border project capabilities and have extensive experience in BA system integration that can be applied widely in business facilities. IWA smart building system provides buildings with smarter operation solutions:

Smart Calculation
Analyzes energy consumption in different places and different users for adapting to the environment.

Preventive Maintenance
With interactive between equipments and constant diagnosis, the system will notify you for preventive maintenance.

Customized System
Develop a customized smart system which satisfies all your needs.