Smart Lighting System

Lighting for Your Ways

Adopting ZigBee wireless communication and P-Bus technology as the information transmission structure, a cloud-based lighting management platform is established to provide building lighting management, real-time display, data query, statistical analysis, and smart energy-saving control functions.
The brighter the ambient light, the darker the indoor lighting.
System Features
Wireless Technology Advantages
Wireless Mesh Network wire free connected will not cause the circuit broken due to the damage of a single lamp, apply to renovation buildings and new construction buildings, free from wire, reduce the cost of modification and repair fee and significant savings in construction costs.
Human Presence Sensing
Combination of image recognition and human infrared sensor to capture the human presence to decide for switch of  lighting.
Users can set the desired illumination level for each space on the tablet or web page, and can set different brightness according to different time periods as to achieve the effect of energy saving.
Sunlight Utilization   
According to the source light from outdoor while indoor illumination need to be adjust when sunlight is plenty and to provide lighting compensation for your environment to achieve comfortable and energy saving experience.
Lamp Abnormal Alarm
When the lamp is abnormal, the system will automatically send alarm notification to the system service platform, in order to make the appropriate measures to save labor management costs.
Multi-Systems Integration
Integrated control of parking, image security, elevator and air-conditioning system to save power, labor and resources.
Individual Light Dimming
0%-100% stepless dimming for each individual light is performed with Smart Lighting System.
Advantages of P-Bus
P-Bus technology has the characteristic of communication line power supply. It uses high-speed and stable standard communication transmission. The line adopts twisted pair wiring and its non-polar wiring requirements to be free from the problem of wrong wiring during construction. It can seamlessly integrate other lighting systems, DALI, KNX, RS485, etc.
Users Statements
Q: Not possible for adjust individual lamp for personal preference, there is only for area illumination control.
A: Delicate and smooth brightness control from 0% to 100% for individual lamp.
Q: Lighting manual control needed, also not be able to automatically adjust by environment condition.
A: Brightness of the illumination is adjusted by daylight intensity, daylight angle and lighting requirements of the indoor environment.
Q: With too many illumination switch circuits, without intuitive illumination control interface.
A: Provide tablet control interface by using the most intuitive interior floor plan and relative position of the equipment, allowing you to free form operation to brightness of individual lamp.
Q: When lamps are damaged, there is no way to know and troubleshoot at  the first time.
A: Luminaire abnormality warnings will be immediately notified to the operator for repairs and maintenance for keep use efficiency and environmental requirements of the luminaire.
Q: Cost increasing for modified the interior and reconfigure circuit of lighting.
A: Wireless lighting control equipment, no wire request, cost saving, suitable for renovation buildings and new construction buildings.
Q: Without remote monitoring, only can be control on the site.
A: Network Web interface, no need for remote control, can also display related equipment and environmental information at sametime, also can synchronizeon monitor the status of other weak current system the site.
Q: Human error of not turning the light off, causing the energy waste.
A: Provide lighting scheduling to reduce the wastage of electricity due to human error.

User Experiences
Detailed and considerate functions with excellent visual design create a whole new experience exceeding market competitors.
Wireless Transmission
Low power-consuming ZigBee network communication with high expandability and modularization.
Steady & Secure
Adopt mesh network and built-in self-monitoring and watch-dog program, connected 24/7.
IWA System Sturcture

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