2022.10.18 Chicony Star Residential Building is awarded the Excellent Intelligent Building Award by the Ministry of the Interior (hereinafter referred to as the “MOI”)
2022.09.08 Chicony Power Technology Co., Ltd (aka Chicony Power) won the honor of Energy Model in the first "New Taipei Enterprise Excellence Award"
2020.08.05 The continued increasing sales in the smart building sector to be new growth momentum for Chicony Power
2019.12.31 Chicony Power Smart Building Solution team and Thailand AMATA Group collaborate on smart city development
2019.12.18 Clevo, Honhui Group, Chicony Power to build jointly Taipei Twin Towers as a new landmark for smart buildings
2019.09.02 IWA wins Platinum Award for TIBA Excellent Intelligent Green Building System, and advances to Asia-Pacific regional competition of 2020 APIGBA AWARDS
2019.07.26 IWA Platform Wins Platinum Award for Excellent Intelligent Green Building System
2019.05.23 IWA Smart Building Solution & High-Efficiency Motors from Chicony Power Take Spotlight at 2019 Smart City Expo
2019.03.28 Strong Alliance! Chiconypower IWA Platform Plays the Role in Developing Smart Building Industry
2019.03.14 Chiconypower New Smart Building Solutions, IWA Platform, Injects New Concept into Intelligent Building System
2018.07.02 Chiconypower Wins 2018 APIGBA AWARDS with Smart Green Building Solutions