Smart Park

IWA Cloud Smart Park integrated management system adopted webpage platform, through international standard open communication protocol, users can integrate and monitor such as energy management, environmental information, BA monitoring, security access control, fire alarm, emergency service, Smart street lights, parking management information and more sub-function systems, also provides statistical analysis, historical data query, and report export function.
Highly extensibility and compatibility
Smart park
integrated management platform
Highly extensibility and compatibility Smart park integrated management platform
Pain point of Smart park
Wide variety of systems

Uncommunicated between systems

Limited on traditional platform

Limited system development to park
IWA Cloud Smart Park

The integrated management system provides the integration of various automated service systems to improve overall management efficiency and comprehensive service capabilities, reduce the operating costs of buildings, and enable the use of emergency control and processing capabilities in buildings, purpose of reducing disaster losses to minimum.
Technical Advantage
Integrate intelligent building systems, develop outdoor intelligent systems at same time, and provide a complete and intelligent park management platform, including:
Smart Street Lighting System

Flow and hotspot analysis technology

Intelligent tourism guide technology

Space locating and push notification function

Smart Building

IWA Building Intelligent System is based on perception and computing technology then for intelligent controls of building equipment and environmental systems, considering the needs of users, operator, and managers, and create linkage with various roles through four advantage technology of "Intelligent Sensing", "Intelligent Computing", "Intelligent Control" and "Intelligent Interaction", let building transformed into sensible, thinkable, conversational Smart green building to coexists with nature.
Various aspects of Smart building management system
Pain point management of corporate group
Buildings distributed and scattered

Regional diversity

Climate differences

Industry multiple development
Corporation summit management requirements
Multiple projects management

Data statistical analysis

Performance cases promotion

Standardized operation

Instant assessment
Technical Advantage

Intelligent Perception - Hardware
Wireless Connector
Wireless AI Module
Wireless DI Module
Wireless Communication Converter
Wireless Lux Sensor
3in1 Wireless Environment Sensor

Intelligent Interaction - Human–Machine Interaction
Nature Language Communication Interface
Graphical Control Interface
Broadcast/ Information Display/ APP Control

Intelligent Algorithm - Software
Dimmable Lighting Control Algorithm
HVAC Optimized Control Algorithm
Image Recognition Algorithm
DR Analysis Algorithm
Curtain Control Algorithm
Nature Language Processing Algorithm
Machine Learning Algorithm
Building Energy Saving Design Analogy Analysis Software

Intelligent Control - System Application
Intelligent Energy Manager System
Intelligent Lighting System
Intelligent HVAC Optimized Management System
Intelligent Curtain Control System
Intelligent Image Security System
Intelligent Parking Guidance and Vehicle Plate Recognize System
Refrigerated Wireless Monitor and Warning System
Smart Space

IWA Space Intelligent Situation Mode Control for Commercial Space, provide users with one-click quick control of all devices in the environment, and provide a variety of situational modes for users choices; at mean time, monitoring all space environmental conditions and equipment status and power usage, in addition to providing user historical and operating parameter data, also analysis data parameters, provide user equipment efficiency analysis and operational management recommendations.
Technical Advantage

New and existing buildings and small area space with different industry formats
Small and medium office user, convenience store, supermarket, library, gym, chain coffee shops, chain restaurants and more

Integrated electrical equipment
Adopted APP control software
Integrated cloud management

Addition Equipment
Install Gateway wireless connector, wireless AI module, wireless DI module and wireless communication converter to connect existing equipment
Collocation with servers and tablets for system import and action control tools