Energy Management System

Focusing Earth, Saving Energy

Adapt ZigBee wireless communication technology for data transmission. IWA cloud energy management platform provides functions including power data searching, statistical analysis, power consumption forecast, management strategy of comprehensive operation, equipment hosting service help to understand the electricity usage of the building and develop appropriate energy-saving strategies. We provide building equipment efficiency optimization and environmental comfort and convenience to maximize, creating a more energy-efficient living environment while enhancing comfort.
System Features
Real-time Energy Information
Current data intuitively displayed with clear and concise charts.
Real-time display of power consumption and environment information.
Statistical Analysis
Provides trend charts of historical power-consumption statistics.
Be able to analysis carbon footprint and power contract capacity.
Charge By Usage
Provides electricity tariffs with network settings, electricity pricing statistics, billing and printing document functions.
Simulation Forecast
Builds energy demand model to forecast building power usage.
Forecast cooling load demand based on AC cooling load and power consumption model.
Simulation forecast for efficiency decline of HVAC and lighting equipment.
Management Strategy
Authority management allows customized HVAC and lighting optimization strategy.
Optimize energy saving without sacrifice user's comfort.
Provides manual remote-control function.
Expert Entrust
Powerful software backstage assists in the integration of information management and provides professional energy hosting services to achieve optimize energy efficiency.
Users Statement
Q: Weak reliability of manual meter reading.
A: Energy consumption information is collected automatically, with high reliability in real time.
Q: Device operation is set with experience and not guarantee for energy saving efficiency.
A: Long-term data analysis, providing professional energy-saving solutions.
Q: With more and more equipment functions, the costs of human resources have not reduce .
A: Functional interface is simplified, equipment maintenance of operational flexibility.
Q: Locations scattered without centralized power management.
A: Energy integration management, classification and division of implementation of electricity rating.
Q: Improved after the energy consumption anomaly occurred.
A: Trend chart Analysis,  pre-warning better than remedial.
Q: Independent system improvement, low energy efficiency.
A: Comprehensive decision analysis with continuous system optimization capability.

Self Operation
Thinks logically as human brain and communicates as nerve system, able to operate autonomously to its optimal condition.
Value added Service
Achieves sustainable management through expertise in effective analysis, abnormality diagnosis remediation assessment.
Multi Integrated
Builds as energy supply mechanism inside the building and establishes a strong link between the demand and supply side.
IWA System Sturcture

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