HVAC Optimization System

Best synonym for cozy and energy saving

Complete collection of environmental information and air-conditioning equipment operation information, optimize the operation control through algorithm to achieve the optimal HVAC optimization system for both comfort and energy saving.

Real-time display of power consumption and equipment efficiency indicator.
Automatic adjustment of air-conditioning system parameters, shorten manual set-up time and save cost of project.
Maintain the balance of indoor temperature and user comfort.
Significantly reduce energy consumption, compared with the general traditional air-conditioning system, the energy saving average is up to 15~30%.
Continuously monitor equipment performance, provide performance prediction and perform maintenance operations in advance.
System Features
Operation Index Tool
ZigBee wireless communication technology is adopted to detect environmental temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration through wireless environment sensors, display indoor air quality indicators, maintain optimal environmental comfort and real time display the energy consumption of various equipments.
Forecast Analysis Tool
Real-time collection of outdoor weather information and indoor heat load demand information, the system performs automatic algorithm, predicts the trend of HVAC load, control the demand in advance, the system can be active and dynamic adjustment of various equipment operation settings, simulation of the total energy consumption requirements of HVAC system, with demand control management, early warning operations.
Optimal Operation Strategies
According to the operating parameters of indoor air side equipment, ice water loop equipment and cooling water loop equipment to make dynamic optimization setting in order to achieve the overall comprehensive energy-saving control of HVAC.
DR Control
With the contract capacity of equipment power offload control strategy to provide power demand trend forecasting and multi-phase active power unloading settings.
Energy Efficiency Decline Warning
System can continue tracking the decline state in efficiency of equipment, provide decline forecast of ice water main engine efficiency and HVAC pump operation efficiency at the same time proactively notify operation units to arrange maintenance and repair work in advance.
Users Statement
Q: Air conditioning temperature and operating parameters are based on personal experience and users are good, lead to uneven of temperature.
A: Automatically optimize HVAC through the system to dynamically adjust the optimal perceived temperature.
Q: Adjust of the temperature higher can saving energy but reduce the comfort of environment, adjust of the lower temperature can reach comfortable environment but will waste the energy.
A: System actively collects environment information and equipment operation information, optimizes operation control through algorithmic with both energy saving and comfortable.
Q: Traditional HVAC system can not perform data analysis.
A: IWA HVAC optimization system able to operating data analysis and machine learning.

Core Strategy
Optimize the system operation with massive amount of information of demand side.
Data Integration
Through real-time outdoor and indoor information to actively implement optimizing strategy.
Integrates the energy supply mechanism to establish the connection between supply and demand side.
IWA System Sturcture

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