iKit Digital Logic Control Series

Provide different types of intelligent algorithms for different systems with logical calculus and system optimization functions for high-level industrial computer products

KT100 Series(KT100/110/120/130/140)
Digital Logic Controller

KT100 series can be used for energy, lighting, curtain, and HVAC system for collect data and control for every area within buildings. When equipped under EMS system, it can collect power data from power meter for chart display and provide further assistance while making energy management proposal; when equipped under lighting system, it can collect environment info and lighting condition in real-time in order to adjust the best lighting level light fixture; when equipped under HVAC system, it collects outdoor weather condition and current system loading to provide the optimized operating configuration; when equipped under curtain management system, based on sun raise / sun set time in different areas to define singel or group curtain open/close control from 0-100% degrees so can reach self-management for every single system under smart building management platform.

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Digital Logic Controller

It can be equipped with centrail monitoring system, energy mangement system, HVAC management and lighting and curtain management system for light package application for building or factory. By using communication converter to integrate all equipment data transmission signal, deliver the appropreate signal into this iUnit logic controller. Users can get ME equipment operating data and real-time information under Web-based visualized interface, and smartly control the systeam based on all these data, furthermor, furthermore, flixible configuration schedule can be defined in advanced by buid-in perpetual calendar, so the management for each area can be so much simple and easy.

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Commercial Space of HVAC

Collect environmental data through wireless temperature and humidity and CO2 sensor. Further analysis data to integrated control of third-party HVAC related equipment with IWA Cube series products, dynamic adjustment of HVAC settings, determine whether to import external air with CO2 concentration, can also collect HVAC equipment signal points to warning notification of the abnormal status of the device.
Lighting of Commercial Space

Collect ambient brightness information through a wireless illuminance meter. Further calculation of the data, in order to adjust the appropriate brightness on the luminaire by dimming control module, for areas without dimming requirements, can also use the IWA Cube Wireless Digital control collector to make switch integration of the lighting circuit.
Particular Environment

Collect environmental data through wireless temperature & humidity and CO2 sensor. IWA Cube series dynamically adjusts third-party equipment such as heaters and humidifiers to maintain a stable temperature and humidity environment.