Image Security System

More Visible, More Convenient

Advanced image recognition technology can target the objects quickly and save time and cost of human monitoring. It cab be applied to multiple aspects including access management, human sensing, motion tracking and prople countung. Moreover, it can integrate with smart lighting and HVAC optimization systems to provide a total solution of smart building system.
System Features
Online Image
Compatible with IP camera streaming such as IPC , DVR , NVR.
ONVIF Profile S compliant.
Accessibility to SDK of IP camera streaming.
Smooth transition of international coding standards.
Able to transcode non-international standards to international standards.
Actively push alerts with immediate on-site situation.
Expandable functions including camera networking statistics and resource consumption statistics.
Recording Management
Allow different set-up recording conditions.
Recover after record lost and watermark functions.
Multiple play-back mode.
Support digital zoom in/out and record resume functions.
Quick search and play-back based on the image traits.
Monitoring Platform
User-friendly interface with operation tips.
Numerous short-cut keys and robust user authentication mechanism.
Provides high security to the system.
Multiscreen for immediate preview, replay, and image capture.
Control, lock, unlock, 3D zoom, and digital zoom on the cloud.
Supports a big screen display and TV wall management.
Smart Analysis
Alert when objects crossing electronic fences with different setting.
Detection of drop goods and suspicious disposal.
Human tracking and crowd detection.
People counting by human-sensing and electrical gate.
Abnormal image analysis, judging, and early warning.
System Integration
Application of SOA software structure.
Provide open solutions to related system.
Integrates with Access system to record while sliding the key card.
People counting information could be integrated with lighting and HVAC system.
Integrates with BA system through OPC or Modbus TCP protocol.
Users Statement
Q: Image security can only provide image monitoring and video recording functions..
A: IWA Smart Image Security can actively identify personnel status and integrate smart lighting and HVAC systems via OPC and Modbus TCP.
Q: Under the condition of insufficient light source, the security monitoring system in the parking lot could not fully play its role, and the moniting image could not be clear.
A: Through the integration of IWA personnel and vehicle image recognition software with existing surveillance system equipment, optimum lighting of the area is turn on when people or vehicles are not detected , maximum lighting intensity of the area is turn on when people or vehicles are detected, the monitoring system not only  can play a full role, but also can receive electricity saving effect.

Core Strategy
Provides a comprehensive IP monitoring solution by a high resolution camera supported multi-channel.
Self Operation
Like an image decision center to evaluate those information of people flow or danger events.
Value added Service
Big data analysis form real-time detection to proactive protection.