Smart Parking Management System

Find Your Space Easier

Smart parking management system allow visitors to find parking space easily and find their cars street-free when leaving by integrating license plate recognition, route directing and car finding system. Fast parking turnover efficiency can avoid excessive traffic for causing a drop in air quality in the parking lot.
System Features
License Plate Recognition
Traffic lane gates has function of smashing preventing.
Admission vehicles do not need to swipe/take tickets to reduce the cost of entity items.
License plate is the only identification for entry and pass, parking fees accounting mechanism is strict.
Effective statistics of parking lot traffic and usage rate.
Integrates with reverse vehicle search and self-payment system.
Provide card reader integration services.
Support advertising display.
Increase the efficiency of payment help avoid the exit traffic.
Guidance for Empty Parking Space
LED guide screen is mainly for display the direction of the vehicle and the remaining parking space information in that direction.
According to the parking lot size and actual need to have options of one-way, two-way and three-way direction.
Parking guide screen display the number of vacant parking spaces in total or area.
Presence Detection
Parking space detection indicator is integrally formed which can reduce the construction cost.
Device information connection adopts network interface.
System operating status.
Find parking space quick and efficient.
Reverse Searching Vehicle
Touch screen vehicle search machine, easy to operate to find your car.
Multi-vehicle search system, provide fuzzy intelligent inquiry, unlicensed car and parking time inquiries to help you to find your car more quickly.
Support advertising display to increase marketing value.
Parking Management
Cross-system integration, enhanced e-management and energy saving, providing users and managers with fully automated coherent services.
System permission control.
Provide web remote data monitoring and querying.
Support intelligent buildings related system integration function.
Provide mobile APP vehicle search payment and customization functions.
System can be adjust dynamically for payment mechanism.
Users Statements
Q: Hard to find vacant space at traditional parking lot.
A: Through vacant space guidance and parking direction guidance system of IWA intelligent parking system can be easily and quickly to find parking space.
Q: Hard to quickly find the car in traditional parking lot.
A: Through reverse searching vehicle function of IWA intelligent parking system to find the car quickly and self-payment system can integrated of reverse vehicle searching.
Q: Queue up for pay the parking fee at traditional parking lot.
A: Through third party payment platform of IWA intelligent parking system, can be easily pay the fee online, time-saving and convenient.
Q: Empty parking guidance system allows visitors to quickly and easily find parking spaces, but the cost of the system is expensive.
A: The image parking space detector (including the parking direction light) in the IWA parking guidance system is integrated modular design, a image parking space detector is able to monitor the parking status of 4 parking spaces at the same time, can effectively reduce the hardware device and construction costs.

Interface Design
Provides multi-dimensional analysis and multi-privilege management interface.
Value Added Service
Vacant space search by  APP can be quickly confirm parking routes and reverse searching vehicle function.
Multivariate Integration
Support system integrative function of lighting, HVAC and security to realize intelligent integrated services.
IWA System Sturcture

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