Smart Street Lighting System

Foundation of Construct a Smart City

In addition to provide street basic lighting, smart street lighting can be used as wireless network communication system across the city, security systems, environmental information collection systems and emergency assistance systems, the system can improve the safety of personnel in the area and provide traffic information for management units.
System Features
Lighting Adjustment
Perceive the daylight intensity and also number of human and vehicle, then the system will automatically adjusts the on and off of street lighting of LED lamp cap, be able to wireless control and stepless dimming.
Human & Vehicle Image Detection
Surveillance cameras on streetlights can be monitored remotely, combined with smart computing technology for human & vehicle sensing and human & traffic calculations, and send the relevant image message back to monitoring center.
Environmental Sensing System
Outdoor environment and air quality can be monitored through the temperature and humidity sensors and PM2.5 sensors on the street lights, to provide environmental information such as meteorological and air pollution at each streetlight location for monitoring center.
Emergency Assistance Device
Camera and walkie-talkie on the street lamp, transmitted through the network at the very first time to monitor the surveillance position and live images to carry out the effective rescue.
Users Statement
Q: Traditional street lightings must be equipped with manpower for inspection or passive receive notification to confirm (or exclude) street lights anomalies or malfunctions.
A: Smart street lighting can be actively issued warning notice by the monitoring system while street lighting abnormality or malfunction, effectively reduce the cost of the street lighting inspection.
Q: Outdoor area have difficulty for building WiFi wireless network and with unstable network communication
A: Smart street lights have Mesh WiFi, provide WiFi hotspots to building basic wireless communication network

Visual Management
Visualize web page management platform and mobile APP, in order to monitor the status of street lighting in real time, based on different situation needs for remote control to achieve energy saving.
Information and Communication Services
Provide environmental information of temperature and humidity and air quality (such as PM2.5) in street lighting area, and provide WiFi service for users.
Big Data Analysis
Environment, safety, human flow and other information collection, retrieval information for the compilation, statistics and analysis, provide historical data matching, anomaly usage detection, operational strategy support and big data analysis, used for each purpose application.